10 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I truly salute you. This is truly taking the bull by the horns…and slaying it.
    That a journey walked by billions of women evolutionary is so dogged by dark silhouettes that erupt to some like an active volcano to the total misunderstanding of those around them and the affected mother.
    Thank you for coming out to expose this neglected condition and sharing your experiences with other people, mothers or not.
    And you learnt one thing, writing is therapeutic! So is reading! Especially writing about yourself; for you can’t lie to yourself.
    I often seek therapy (Self-prescribed) by doing either.
    This is marvelous work and a wonderful cause to support.
    God bless you and Jayden.

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    1. Thank you Anthony. Hopefully, by talking about it more moms can know it is not anything that’s wrong with them. Yes, writing did/does work for me 🙂

      I appreciate you reading.


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