Mommy of The Week 10/27 – Meet Samoina :)

Got featured by the amazing Gabrielle on her blog’s segment, Mommy of the Week, a couple of days ago 🙂


2015-07-10 00.26.34

Mommy: Samoina

Baby: Jayden, almost four.

From: Nairobi, Kenya

Blogs at:

Full time WAHM – Work at home mom

Absolutely loves tea, in any form – but especially spicy tea. Anyone want to share a cuppa tea?

I work online, so I like to think of myself as a digital nomad, hah! My interest in networking with moms

from all parts of the world points back to the turning point in my journey living with Postpartum

Depression (PPD). With no money then, a child just months old, and choked by the vice-like grip of PPD,

my go-to place was the internet. Wondering what the hell was wrong with me for not been able to love

my child, I turned to mom blogs looking for answers – answers or the slightest inkling of what was wrong

with me, why I was always sad, bitter and teary.

The pleasant surprise…

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