Taking stock 04

There’s just about 30 days to the end of the year, yikes!! It is both exciting and terrifying for me. It has been a roller coaster of sorts, but perhaps the most amazing thing that’s happened for me is to be in this space, healing from Postpartum Depression, seizing each day, living in miraculous moments. This particular post is reflective; makes me appreciate the strides thus far, and the ‘small victories’.

Making: mental notes of the things I need to do to improve my life, like making early mornings a permanent fixture.

Cooking : not. thinking about coking masala fries. *side eye to the fitness videos on my laptop*

Drinking: Water, lots of it. Actually realized it is one of the reasons I have few breakouts on my skin, win!

Reading: The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason. If you want to be financially literate, there is no question about it. This is a profound read, with some of the simplest tips to help you.

Wanting: cuddles.

Wasting: no time on Whatsapp. LOL, yall who tell me I have been MIA 😀

Enjoying: this school holiday. April and August holidays were very difficult in terms of readjusting my schedule to fit little mammal into my Work-at-home schedules.

Loving:  Kari Jobe’s album, Majestic.

Marveling: At the fact that Psy’s, remember the Korean one-hit wonder? he of the Gangnam style vid? Yup, him, his YouTube video has garnered close to 2.5 billion views to-date. Mind boggling if you asked me.

Smelling: the rain.

Wearing: dresses lately, and loving it. feminine and chic, especially when you are a bald head like me 🙂

Knowing: that there is so much to be grateful for, even when things go awry. I see it every time I open my gratitude journal.

Bookmarking: Medium. Such an intriguing site IMO.

Giggling: at a conversation I had with my little one recently. something in the line of him paying for my pedicure, because chipped nails. He is very keen. 🙂

Thinking: about my friend L and her baby ❤

Feeling: excited about progress in the journey that my life is.


**Featured Image Photo Credits: Mom 🙂 at Ololulunga, Narok. Little guy in the trees



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