2016 Highlights

The year has gone by pretty fast, it has been an epic adventure, one of gorwth, possibilities, and days when I questioned whether there was really any significance in what I was doing as far as raising awareness on Postpartum depression was concerned. I decided to take some time off to reflect on the strides that have been made on here, the highlights, the fears and the hopes I have for PPDIsland.

The first half of the year was rather erratic, I will admit I was a little inconsistent as far as putting up posts was concerned. In addition to dealing with personal issues, the journey of recovery after Postpartum Depression, and just finding my footing with the blog, I found myself less enthusiastic on here 😦

During the second half of the year, I went for therapy sessions (almost 4 years after postpartum depression snuck up on me). I didn’t know what to expect, and I was more than glad to learn so much more about the risk factors that placed me squarely on the path to depression, coping mechanisms that would work for me and the fact that my boy was a healthy champ (gladly my PPD did not affect his developmental milestones).

This birthed a zeal to get back to active blogging, and on good weeks I did managed to put out a post at least once weekly. In the last quarter of 2016, things seemed to accelerate. Some of the highlights, for which I am grateful because it gives a wider platform to talk about Postpartum Depression, included a feature in the Eve Woman Magazine (link ), an interview by the wonderful guys at Family TV here  as well as a feature on People Daily that you can read here.

I am excited to see what 2017 has in store. There’s still a mighty long way to go as far as Postpartum Depression, and mental health as a whole, is concerned. Thankful for the moms who have found hope through the words on this blogs, and who have taken the step to ask for help. I salute your courage. I am hopeful that this blog will encourage more moms struggling with PPD, and be a voice for the moms who, for whatever reason, may not be able to speak about their private struggles with motherhood.

PS: Also thought to sneak in the most widely read posts this year.

  1. This is what I wish I knew while I was pregnant
  2. Letters to my son – chronicles of a Postpartum depression survivor
  3. Angst
  4. 3 reasons I was an angry mom
  5. Letter to a new mom

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