My name is Samoina. I am a God-chaser, an exuberant, jolly go-getter. A single mom to a 4 year old boy called Jay (and who I liken to a walking nuclear energy plant, because, you guessed it, energy), and who is learning to find grace in the miracle of motherhood, and finding joy in the mundane side of it. A lover of good food, call me a foodie, with a very sweet tooth (which may be genetic if Jay is anything to go by), a lover of travelling (but yet to respond to the lingering wanderlust) and a lover of good company and precious friends.

Once-a-biochemist-turned-entrepreneur who set camp online as a WAHM (Work at home Mom). Aspiring social-media strategist serving in my church’s Sunday School department. This blog is about my motherhood journey, one that was fraught with Post-Partum Depression (PPD), finding grace amid the chaos of the depression, and sharing this in the hopes that a mum somewhere will be encouraged to know that they are not alone in the quest for grace. Oh, and the little things that make for my son’s adventures.

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9 thoughts on “About

  1. I feel inspired and informed by the experience you underwent and still undergoing as a mum. I have enough respect for all mothers out there either married or single for really you go through unmeasurable experiences of emotional breakdown to joyous times. Indeed you are preservers of life. I salute you for the courage and this great blog.


    1. Learning that motherhood is a life-long journey Theo, we make mistakes, we learn, we live everyday 🙂 thanks for passing by on ‘the island’, and for your kind words too 🙂


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